5 Things I Learned On Super Tuesday

I didn’t learn a lot watching the Super Tuesday results on CNN, but I did learn 5 super important things:


1.  Sarah Palin says WAh-sill-ah (accent on the 1st syllable) instead of wah-SILL-uh (the usual English prononciation).  Was she speaking Native Alaskan or just being her usual clueless self?

2.  Speaking of Sarah Palin, it’s too bad her intelligence doesn’t match her “downhominess.”

3.  We should have a Senior Services organization in this country (like Child Services).  If we did, we could have reported Santorum for keeping his 93-year old mom standing on the stage throughout his entire Ohio speech.

4.  Elizabeth Santorum looks like Rick Santorum with a wig.

5.  Mitt Romney and Calista Gingrich would have been a match made in robot heaven.


There you have them, short but not so sweet.  Did you learn anything?  Come on, share.

image: cbsnews.com


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